'Sup folks - Andre from Eastern Canada

Hi folks - apparently I joined this forum in late 2016, but I haven't posted anything yet.  Weird.

Anyway, my name is Andre and I'm from Fredericton, in New Brunswick (which is in Eastern Canada).  I'm 36 and have been playing games since the late 80's...  the first thing I ever played was the Vectrex a friend of the family owned, and it blew my mind.  I loved it so much that the people who owned it eventually just *gave* it to me along with a few games for it, and it's definitely the most treasured part of my collection.

Not long after that, we went to another family friend's place and they introduced me to the NES, and that's when the obsession truly began.  I only had a handful of games as a kid, but I started collecting a little more seriously once the 2000's hit.  SNES, Game Boys, N64, GameCube, PS1\PS2\PS3\PS4, all of the Xbox's, Wii's and Switches - modern gaming is fun and everything, but there's nothing quite like the 8-and-16 bit eras.  I had a blog (that I've done poor job of maintaining as of late) which was just dedicated to the childhood memories I have from playing games as a kid.  You can check it out here, if you're interested!

While I have some "100% complete" collection goals (like getting all of the NHL and NASCAR games), my main goal is to just get the stuff that I played and enjoyed as a kid.  Mega Man 7 for Super NES is my current "holy grail" item in that respect.

Speaking of 100% completion, I was sitting in my game room one day with my son (who is 3, and is obsessed with all things Mario), looking at my games, thinking about playing something I've already played 20 times... and I thought "uhm, I own these, and there's a whole bunch of them I haven't played in a long time - maybe I should just play and beat *all* of them."  So that's what I'm in the process of doing!  I've been going through each of them (randomly) for the past year and a half, and I'm about 60 games into a 900-plus game collection.  Huzzah!

My collection!

In any case, I'm ot sure if there are any other NASCAR (and auto racing in general) fans out there, and if this is a safe place where a guy can nerd out about all things Star Wars without having someone go on and on about how terrible The Last Jedi apparently is (lol), but here's hoping.  See you folks later!
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