Hello. MY name is zi and I make chiptune music for the NES. my website is

bleep bop records! shoot me a pm if you'd like to discuss professional music for your next cart project!


  • Yeah, bruh. I remember you. I was always curious what software you used. I never did chiptune stuff but I'm familiar with FL. I'd like to do electronic stuff mixed with chiptune. Never knew what plug-ins or software to look into.

    Any suggestions?

  • nice! For live stuff lsdj is all the rage, but The analogue pocket announcement got me fire up about nanoloop errr there’s a freeware version of lsdj but that’s not the right name.

    for in game use famitracker. Still the standard and clearest tracker there is.

  • Have you used Deflemask? Seems like a lot of folks like to use it (my composer uses it currently for Illmoore)

  • Are there any plans for another cart run...?

  • yep. life, of course, gets in the way- but the "quiet album" is about 70% done... AND earlier this year I transcribed "fie" from PPMCK to famitracker so I have to do the artwork (or re-do it since the original art is lost after a theft), get the in-cart art, and then release. sometime 2020!

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