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In my opinion, I doubt any community appreciates being bought and sold.This sorta cheapens what was built, and kind of destroys the whole energy of coming together and really being apart of something . I'm sure everyone who helped create most of the content on NA that never make money off of it also doesn't appreciate it very much. But i guess only time will tell whether or not this was a good investment. What do you think?



  • Not digging the new layout, but ill give it a chance.

  • OMG this is not good.. I am sorry. this layout is bad :( no forums for trading, no transactions? Will it be added?

  • This site is dead

  • Google: nintendoage "messageview.cfm"

    That is every single link on Google to NA posts, now every link is broken. NA should have been put into Read-Only mode, instead of completely destroyed.

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    Take those links and replace "" with "". it's still there, for now. EG:

    You likely won't be able to authenticate though.

  • is possible to redirect to the now archived thread but i'm not holding my breath they actually implemented that because it would take forethought and effort

  • I thought Jeff said that they weren't going to be changing anything? This looks like they changed quite a lot, to me.

  • I haven’t seen the new layout on a computer yet (just mobile) and I’ll say that at least the mobile version is MUCH better than how NA was previously. I may feel different once I view it on my laptop.

    That said, I don’t care for the forum structure. We were told some features would be missing. I’m assuming transactions and private threads are some of those features.

  • Private threads exist, you just gotta tap that circle thingy in the top right and a message symbol pops up. Most of my messages transferred over from NA, but nothing from the past six months. Odd.

  • Can we access our private threads? Lots of homebrew history lives in private development threads. Luckily, I was able to copy and paste entire private threads to Word, but it's a mess. I would greatly appreciate not losing all of that. I would also appreciate if the new owners respect my work and not make any of it public or share any of the content.


  • All I know is after hearing the owner of go collect talk at the Portland auction, I knew this ship was going to be sinking very soon. So it doesn’t come as much as a surprise that I tried to login yesterday and this is where it brought me. The Transition from a passionate community to a greedy community is happening, and there’s nothing we can do. All we can do is wait for the comic book people who are clearly trying to run this new market to get bored. It will happen. But ultimately the damage was done. The biggest killer in all of this is that they only care about the sealed stuff, the namebrand stuff. So where does that leave the other 99% of our collectibles. Worthless to them. They have no passion. They just have a big wallet and see opportunity and try to seize the moment.

    One thing I did find interesting, I spoke with the heritage people when I was at Portland. Apparently displays and merchandise are going to be next. So with that being said, anyone wants to buy my displays from the comic world shoot me a message.

  • @Rooster This was before the server that was previously being used to host NA informed us that it would be reaching end of life at the end of October. Since NA was built so long ago there was no way to bring it onto a new server in its exact state because we couldn't find a server that could support such an old forum. Since the server was going to cease working regardless our hand was forced, we truly value the community and when faced with the option of just letting NA disappear entirely or try to recreate a modern version so users like you still had a place to go we chose to do the latter.

  • We just want to provide as much clarity as possible around this shift of the NintendoAge forum. The server that hosted the site since the beginning had reached the end of its life and was going to be taken offline in the next few days. We've made this migration of the NA forum because we were interested in seeing the community you built continue on in as much of the original capacity as possible. Some features from NA were not supported by any of the new forum servers we looked at, so unfortunately there was nothing we could do about that.

    To be clear this change has nothing to do with money. If you look around this forum you won't see any banner ads, sponsored posts, or any other advertising. Also, as a company we care about all collectibles, our price guide works for sealed games because grading provides a concrete scale of the condition of games which is a requirement to be able to provide truly accurate values.

    If you're willing to hang in there while we launch the video game portion you'll find that we do have features that will be useful for those of you with unsealed games as well, like our list feature allowing you to upload your entire collection (sealed and unsealed) to help you keep track of your collection and share with others you're looking to sell or trade with. You can see an example with my own list of unsealed, raw comics:

    GoCollect values this community and everything you built as part of the NA community and we hope that you'll hang in there and help us continue to make this a place you enjoy visiting and connecting with the friends you've made here.

  • The layout will be changing. We had to quickly move to the new server. We have all the data from NA and will be getting into this new forum just as fast as we can.

  • I'm giving it a shot but it's real ugly lol

  • This is very sad

  • Wow, I thought NA was hacked. is broken. I'll give it a chance but this site is functionally a lot less capable than the previous version. I mean forums are forums so why do we all need to reinvent the skins for these over and over and over.

  • Aaaaaah, if only there was another site with a better interface...

  • It’s in the archives. No idea why they just don’t open those forums back up.

  • what good are they if you can't post in them anymore. this site went hero to zero.

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    So, all of the years of NintendoAge community posts have been permanently ghosted in order to build another website?

    I wish I had a chance to back up some of the lists and articles that I've made and contributed to over the past 10+ years on NA.

  • This is really sad.

    Are we going to start a new site somewhere?



  • Who bought Nintendoage just to shut it down? Wtf is this?..... game over!

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    Anyone know of an alternative to NA? This website is beyond words. Promises made back in November to bring the community back together and here we are in 2020 and nothing has happened. So disappointed. Sounds like an opportunity.......

  • VideoGameSage is where it's at, with many folks hopping across in late October, but more coming in as time goes on. Hope to see you there if you haven't already made a visit!

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    Yes, join us at! NVM see you there.

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