Hey Gang

I feel like I've come back to my old house after moving out, and all the furniture's gone and there's an echo in the house.

*sits on floor where couch used to be, plays Gameboy*


  • Echo echo echooooooo

  • When I came back to visit my parents' house after leaving for college, they finally had a pool installed in the backyard

    This is the opposite of that

  • Wtf happened? This is awful

  • Get used to it my friend, this is the new reality of what used to be NintendoAge. Glorious ain't it?

  • Why can’t I see comments on my iPhone?

  • Wow this site is hosed. Might as well pack it up and go to Racketboy/RFGeneration/GameTZ/Cheapassgamer which remain unchanged.

    Unless the entire site still exists and hasn’t been ported over? Let’s hope.

  • Racketboy is a political disaster, can't speak to the others though CAG has a great discord channel.

    I'm guessing what was in years worth of archives at NA was more trouble than it was worth keeping alive so it's a restart to protect the site as otherwise it doesn't make much sense considering what I think I remember reading about keeping the place up.

  • Or just go to VideoGameSage with the rest of the NA faithful :)

  • yep defiantly not staying. posted a comment yesterday appears to be missing. censored? screw this.

  • face it dude. NA/gocollect is done, retired out, no more. VGS has won the war. its too bad really. it didnt have to go this way. it could have been fixed you could have allowed the community to get the old site back on its feet but from what i heard was nope or simply ignoring. even if the old site was restored its a hole that cant be patched.

    Censoring comment is not on my list of reasons to stay. have fun talking to yourself.

  • I love the all white background. So "how does this wordpress thing work?" of them. I mean just ask for $$$ already.

  • Haha I came back to this thread and there's a shitload of comments, I hope it's the most active thread this place ever sees. I bet there'd be even more if half the comments didn't get deleted or censored XD

    CoCollect's investment in this site is like the time AOL acquired Time Warner just before the .com bubble burst, and ruined everyone at AOL's great-great-grandchildren's chances of ever attending university.

  • So, someone bought the site to kill it. Got it. It's a shame. With the forced, nonsensical use of a the new subdomain to force the gCollect branding, thousands of indexed pages with useful content have been wiped from search engines. They literally murdered the site's fantastic SEO results.

    Thanks for the few years of NA while I was working on my Solstice collection. Some really great convos with many of you. Sorry to see such a legendary site go the way of MySpace.

  • He bought it just for the data and don't give a shit about providing a forum for people to actually interact. He just wants to integrate video games into GoCollect and doesn't care about the community. He should have been honest from the start, but VGS is looking good and hopefully we get a new Game Value Now from RH, which is bound to be better than whatever GoCollect comes up with (which will probably just track WATA graded games like their dogshit comic collecting pricing tool does with CGC).

    He's still bound to make a crapton of money by inflating prices and selling Dain's collection as part of the "Carolina Collection" pedigree LOL.

  • Seeing we rarely get any snow around here, I can always come here and feel like it is snowing around me. No, that's not a good thing, because I hate snow.

  • Pretty much bud, sad to see but it's the reality of the situation. Luckily we have a dedicated community of passionate gamers and collectors willing to put forth the effort to rebuild and pick up the pieces, but the loss of those thousands of pages of archived content is incalculable. Hopefully over time we'll get most of it back on VGS, but it'll take time. Took years to put it together the first time.  

  • this is like in Waynes World when Rob Lowe ruined their show and made it all corporate

  • *Holds up can of Pepsi* “...And it’s the choice of a new generation.”

  • the sphincter says what?

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