Just wanted to say goodbye to what used to be the best resource for Nintendo related things on the internet. It's sad to see it killed in this way.



  • What would you prefer the alternative to be? Let it just blink out of existence one day?

    I'm not fond of all of the changes, but the site wasn't that great in terms of style/look, no SSL, and looked like it was made in 2003. All of the threads are still here, so there's no information loss. The site looks different now (and it's not called NA anymore), but otherwise it's the same place, minus some members who left shrug

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    Where are the databases with all the games, variants, accessories, photos, rarity, etc? T

    Where is the buy/sell/trade? Where is the user transactions ratings, where are the previous transactions?

    There is plenty of info from the old site I can't find anywhere here.

    When upgrading you get everything ready while leaving the old site online. You launch something like beta.<domain>.com and get some user interaction and feedback on the new look/feel/ and features. You make it a smooth transition. When its time to switch over you leave the old site up but disable new updates/posts/etc and inform users when content there will become unavailable. You don't just make a hard switch.

  • They couldn't leave the old site up. The server which hosted it (and Cold Fusion) was decommissioned. IDK if CF is even supported anymore, but last I knew it was like $10k for the software. Typically you're right, though. Unfortunately, that wasn't an option here. Maybe we'll get the rest of the content back?

    Anyone from GC wanna chime in on the games db?

  • Sega Age is up and looks great.

    As I mentioned earlier to you dra600n (never personally had a problem with you, btw, whether you felt the same towards me or not, who knows), if a large portion of the members leave, the forum design changes, the name changes, and the content direction / focus changes, is it really even fair to say it's the same place? I'd personally argue this isn't Nintendo Age at all.

  • Huh. That's strange they decided to keep SegaAge up, though the archive threads are on here, too. Guess they could've kept NA up while making the new site. Such is life. I guess the question is, did GoCollect buy all of the * names from Dain or just NintendoAge? is still up as well.

    You raise an interesting question - no, it's not the same place anymore. Is it the same community? Yes and no. Sure, a good chunk left the site, there's also a good chunk that didn't and/or will cross post. The real question is, once the drama dies down, how will this place and the new place fare?

    I wouldn't even consider the focus changes into determining whether it's the same or not, though. The direction of NA changed before the purchase, and the place was a former shell of the community it once was. The active threads weren't plentiful, and the topics at hand were stale as hell (how many times can we argue whether Mega Man 2 is the best Mega Man on the NES or not?), and very little new info was being found and shared. The most active forums were the brewery and collectors corner. The sales/buyer forums have slowed down significantly, and tons of auctions ended without bids.

    This all happened BEFORE the sale. Forums are a dying thing. Once the drama dies down, you'll have a handful of members still that have come out of inactivity, but I wager most of the activity will just die right back down.

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    I love the scorched earth approach. How jajune. Bwhahahahahahaha. This is so much better than the site blinking out of existence. It's like they cut off NA's head and put it on a pike at the castle walls of whatever a GoCollect is. Even better, the fossilization of the vaunted NA community begins at whatever a videogamesage is.

    I just want to reiterate for the 100th time, as much as I like Dain, how dumb calling the site NintendoAge was. AtariAge was an actual magazine. NintendoAge was not. And wouldn't you want to distance yourself as far as you can from Atari anyway? The best part is (there's LOTS of best parts here btw) the ding dongs on the spinoff went with the whole Age thing again. I mean, come on, I would struggle to come up with stuff funnier than this.

    Anyway, as the wise ClawX once opined:




  • For someone who despised NA so much you sure did like talking about it whenever possible and visiting whenever possible to voice your displeasure. Nice to see you were still lurking after all these years

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    Friends would periodically link me your stupid antics and we'd make threads on our forums (you know, the vbender forums we made when we splintered from DigitalPress when it changed hands/was abandoned by the original owner, quite literally exactly like they did with videogamesage) to make fun of them and question your sanity. I never browsed NA unless directed to something specific. If I did, I would have been committed to a mental institutions a long time ago.

    Fun fact: I hadn't posted in 9 years before NA was sold. I couldn't resist rubbing it in when people like the Nolans were revolting against their new overlords. In a now-deleted post, my mind was blown that the bulk of the community didn't rub it out furiously to the whole Wata games thing. Being as it was formed by a group of NA sycophants, I figured it would be hugged and squeezed like a newborn puppy. It was ultimate come-uppance that finally, the NA horde finally found something to ruin it for them, like NA had ruined it for us.

    Don't worry, with NA officially dead, videogamesage beginning its first and last hurrah (ask how their forums worked out when it was and still is populated by a bunch of exclusionary twits) and this place being the forum version of the last moments of Emil Antonowsky from Robocop, I'll fade back into the background where I was. Even if something hilarious happens again, it won't be really worth my time to pop back onto anyone's radar again.

  • I keep seeing this videogamesage page. You've caught my interest. I'm sure some aren't that dim to realize who this account was because I know how to play nice and my cares aren't what they were years ago. Shame it went down how it did, but in some ways you have to wonder how it held on so well for so long too in a day of facebook being more interesting and discord too.

    If this VGS place is so nice, kind of the anti-over the top place, one that's no lousy power trip space or worse that lame cesspool I can't even remember the name of anymore that was overly active and got fast news but had evil moderation, and no I don't mean the neo geo forum.

  • I lost a lot of my current messages, and I had a bunch of potential and agreed upon deals in process. Hopefully they can figure this out and get this fixed. What a mess.

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    Discard my comment, overreacted a little.

  • Man they did a great job of killing NA. Even the archived threads are a mess to sort through. Catch you all on the flippity flip

  • Good riddance. I remember that "does NA get a bad rap" thread where all the mods swore up and down that there wasn't any favoritism going on and then when that Tim Atwood thing happened it pretty much proved how full of shit they were. That entire Wata crew (minus Dain) were a cancer on the entire community.

  • Give them a chance. They are trying to make it better.

  • All you clowns who are gloating about the death of NA, do you know if the mods were carried over? Because if so, all the BS you're cheering over means nothing. It will be the same.

  • Clearly they weren't or this thread would have been locked by now, right after one of the mods got their snarky last words in.

  • I'll pour one out here, gonna miss discussing games. Also, gotta ask for a little less white in this website, the whole thing is like a void of empty space, feels like I'm typing into a snowstorm.

  • what the hell happened??? i just sold something here a few days ago and was coming on to check if my buyer got his stuff and the sites gone!? what happened!?!?

  • This new site sucks.

  • I agree. If they were gonna launch into this without any notice, I half expected it to as least look somewhat finished. This site looks like they started with Wix and gave up. Apologies for the hate, but if you're reading this and you helped create this site you'd have to agree this looks amateur. My thought is there was some other driving force like it needed to happen by the end of the month before another round of 'rent' was due. Maybe they were force to launch whatever they had whether it was finished or not. It sure looks like it.

  • This new site just feels so dirty. The emphasis on investing and speculation is everything I don't want in a gaming site. Sure, most of us here are collectors at some level, but I always felt NintendoAge was a gaming community first. It certainly appears that gocollect is going in a different direction, and one that indicates to me that my time would be better spent elsewhere.

  • ^^^ THIS! ^^^ Seriously guys next time just ask for money. I don't mean to be a jerk here but I don't know anyone who uses a forum and cares about an "updated" interface. The same things you wanted to do in 2003 you want to do in 2019, right? Sometimes pet projects (updating to all white with lots of wasted space, stock calibri, no content migration) should be done in a sandbox and not pushed until ready. Just give us a drop down box to choose the display for the forum data, then one option can be 'padded cell' or whatever this is called.

  • Apparently I haven't logged on in a while. Hopefully they get the collections section back. I should have kept track of my collection on a spreadsheet. I'm not looking forward to going through and cataloging all my games.

  • If you just need to export your collection, you should be able to log into segaage with your NA credentials and get it there.

  • Actually looks like that’s no longer an option. Bummer.

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    I lost contact with someone I was in a transaction with so thanks for that. Remember how anyone visiting the NA front page was being made painfully aware of how the site was undergoing a major upheaval and would look completely different with everything it once was stripped away? Giving people fair warning ahead of time? Yeah, me neither.

    The fact they have this clearly incomplete site up shows they rushed everything because... well, I don't know, maybe their egos got too big. I don't know, I'm not feeling like being nice here at all and have more choice words that I'll hold back. All I'll say is way to ruin a website's legacy, guys.

  • I'm not exactly sure what happened or if this is even where I should post, but this website makes me sad. Guess it was bound to happen, but I was just coming in to see if anyone started the secret santa thread. Guess this is it for me on here :/

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