• Yeah it's looking pretty bleak over here. Have you checked out the other forum?

  • Can you please put back the original nintendoage format? Or at least have gocollect and the original nintendo age two separate entities. I hate to say it but this site seriously sucks..

  • This is stupid. There was so much about video game history that is lost. Also, what is the point of buying the name NintendoAge and then changing it to something called gocollect???

    Also, if they really are migrating the data, why not leave the current NintendoAge forum up until a replacement is 100% ready??? The current state of this site is making the new owners look bad.

  • PM me your hate mail. I’m not actually a mod but maybe it will make you feel better.

  • Where did most of the members go? I’d like to join them.

  • I had recently posted a pile of homebrew I was trying to sell, kinda glad I didn't get to far with that and have transactions get lost in this mess.

    Did people move to anywhere else?


  • Video games age? That’s stupid.

    video game sage? Oh shit that’s clever.

    but seriously, check it out. It’s a non competing forum but there will be some friendly faces for sure.

  • mobile friendly? What is this, 2019?

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    Yeah everything looks different now and "modern". Meaning that the site looks like every other "plain and boring" modern site on the web nowadays. I won't lie I do miss the old site, but my problem is with the messaging. I don't have ANY messages after 2013-2014. I've lost contact with some people...............what's going on are all of the features coming back and where is everything?

    Edit: We can only "edit" for up to one hour now? Really? Was there an update before the change that required the 1 hour update. I see a lot of websites doing this now. I always felt like the sites feel like they can "keep or own" content. At least that's what I've read in some ToS. I hope that isn't the case here.

  • Many users have moved to Video Game Sage (, and I believe there is a Secret Santa thread already running there.

  • Yeah I visited that site yesterday. Just haven't signed up yet. It looks ok so far. Still has a "retro" type of feel to it, but I'm sure it's going to go through changes. Banning used to be a big thing on NintendoAge. Are the mods going to go "ban happy" and be dictators against people with different opinions on certain topics. Sort of makes me wonder. I was a NA member for years and lurked for years as well.

  • No, we are the home of second chances. But to clarify your “ban happy” part. We never banned anyone for having a difference in opinion. We banned people that were scammers and those that were assholes while posting their difference in opinions. Post what you want, but be respectful to others.

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  • AFAICT, only one user was publicly banned so far, and that was for spoofing Joel.

    i have high confidence that VGS is indeed a fresh start. However, generally toxic conversation antagonists shouldn’t feel like they’re invulnerable...

  • That's great, but will be anything like banning unpopular opinions as well? For instance I remember people being outed and straight up flamed for not agreeing with Grading Video Games and things of that nature. Scammers I understand, but the "asshole" part could easily be seen on both sides especially when some users or mods would gang up on people who opinions differed.

    I'm not one of those people on either side obviously, I just don't want to get caught up and make friends in a place that has the "go along to get along" feel to it you know what I mean. Obviously I'm no troll or flamer or whatever, I just like to know this things ahead of time.

    @NintendoAge Moderator

    I agree about the toxicity and antagonists . I'm keeping my eye on both sites. So you guys are mods here and on VGS

  • @Fierce Deity - None of the VGS mods are also mods here.

    Regarding the banning discussion - no one will be banned for an unpopular opinion. There are tons of members who don't really care for grading games for example. I think the general vibe of NA evolved and changed over the years, and there has been an even further evolution with VGS. VGS was founded with an attempt at a new start and also intentionally being open to all different types of video game enthusiasts, whether that be collectors, developers, gamers, or otherwise. And not just for Nintendo fans.

    The whole "you have to agree with the hive mind or GTFO" sentiment - is absolutely NOT going to be the case at VGS nor is it anything that any of the leadership there condones. People may disagree with minority opinions of course, but as long as people are being respectful of each other and not getting personal or hateful, there is no problem at all.

    I also believe that the sentiment I just referred to, was unfairly attributed to NA in later years, and wasn't the case. But regardless, that is the past, and there's nothing I can do to change that nor is it worth really diving into.

    I'm not really involved around here, but I saw the comments about banning, and I wanted to really step in and share our philosophy over there and provide affirmation - VGS is in no way going to be banning or punishing people just for unpopular opinions. Community feedback and responses may be what they'll be, but all opinions are welcome.

  • I think I'm going to check out VGS. This place is a fucking husk.

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    Thanks for the detailed post and info about the mod situation. I'll get around to checking out the new site in more depth. I seen it and read a few little things, but haven't gotten around to creating my account just yet due to other things like work and studying. I just hope it doesn't start great then things slowly go down the rabbit hole. I hope we are allowed to curse there. Not just over the top stuff to just use profanity, but I mean as if I'm talking to an adult. I hate how everything is becoming 'PG'. Kids don't spend tons of money collecting high priced video games, their parents do. Also I switched from PC gaming to consoles and (at least on the Xbox One) they treat the platform like it's some sort of daycare. What was I thinking buying that well priced Xbox One sometime ago. Don't say "bad things" on Mature titles.......there might be kids playing. IT'S A 17+ MATURE TITLE. Sounds like bad parenting to me. Damn it's frustrating.

  • This whole "NA never banned people for having a different opinion" thing is such bullshit and you all know it. I remember making a finders keepers post about how I got a huge lot of games at a yard sale just seconds before a local reseller showed up and Josh "Qixmaster" Byerly (also one of the people behind Wata) deleted the post and banned me for a week because, in his own words, "I resell for a living and won't have people on here disparaging resellers".

    If you were part of their little clique then you could say whatever the hell you wanted. If you weren't a "respected member" then you got banned. Remember when one of the Nolans said he wanted to punch Pat Contri in the face? Remember how he never got banned for it? Remember how RareBucky would constantly harass people for bidding on games he wanted then Tim Atwood called him out for it and TIM was banned?

    NA got it's reputation for a reason. The fact that there are still people who refuse to admit it is just ridiculous.

  • @ZachAttack WOW I never knew about that happening to you……wth. That’s something you have to screenshot man. If true that is pretty, selfish and childish as hell. Yeah I won’t tolerate stuff like that. Hopefully that guy isn’t a mod at the new site, but who knows with the anonymity on the internet.

    The other stuff about Pat Contri I know nothing about, but I did follow the Tim Atwood stuff and Rarebucky. I believe they later unbanned Tim, but still those were crazy times. I slowly stopped posting here and sharing my collection as much.

    I will admit that “everyone” KNOWS about NA reputation across the interwebz, however, I did make some really great friends and people I need to try to find and keep in touch with since NA has changed and deleted a TON of private messages. I just don’t like walking on egg shells for anyone or anything, especially a hobby about video games, comic books, toys and anything related to gaming in general of all things.

    I still haven’t signed up over on VGS just yet. I think I’ll continue to monitor it for a while to see what happens when different opinions are discussed. Then I’ll see how the mods react or overreact to people within the community. It would be SO NICE to have a NEW mod setup with new people running the show this time around. Ah well we'll see how it goes.

  • Agree. This was rushed and the result is horrendous. Good bye Nintendo Age I'll stick with racketboy.

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    VGS is geared towards collecting. NA was mostly that, but it was also a place to talk about classic Nintendo systems, prototypes, homebrew, etc, etc. That's why I came here at least.

    Guess I'll just use Nintendo Life ( or Nintendo Forums (

  • Tanooki wasnt an ass, but got banned cause of the clique of mods. So I disagree with you.

  • On a side note, NA dying is kind of resemblance of the collecting hobby as a whole. Prices got outta whack, people not into video games got in, theres no deals anywhere, and we just got older. Well, maybe it's just me.

  • I had no idea I could log in to this place with my old account, wow. And yes what happened was a sustained level of disagreement that played into what happened then. Not going to comment on it though or the other stuff. I've been on VGS for awhile now and it's pretty starkly different for the better compared to what NA was like what 6 years ago when I was last around that. Gloves is doing a fantastic job so far and the site seemingly seems to be pretty good about arguing and not thumb squashing those in disagreement. I did read the old page here and there once ever so often when I needed to look something up and I saw a change away from the attitude from my time, to then, to now off this dumpster fire of a forum and it seems more like an evolution of improvement.

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