Do the website owners actually care about this forum?

It's a bad sign when 90% of posts on a forum are about how poorly the forum is managed, but most of the complaints are ignored or brushed away with excuses. Even a small change like creating logical forum categories would only take a few minutes and would make a big difference. It would at least show a willingness to improve. They are just letting this dumpster fire burn.

On Oct 31, GoCollect_Jim said, "The site design will be changing over the next couple of days." I guess I missed these changes.

So it begs the question, how much does GoCollect actually care about maintaining the community that they inherited? Are we even the target audience for their intentions?

GoCollect said that they bought NintendoAge for the information to build their price charts, so do they really care about hosting a venue for Nintendo fans to discuss the games they love, or do they just care about getting the sales data so they can drive speculation and try to build up video games into the next artificial currency for the wealthy?

I'm really wondering what the endgame is here. How does GoCollect make money? Looks like it's from premium subscriptions to their price charting services. Honestly I think there are more than enough video game price charting options out there.


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