Movers and losers thread

Anyone notice any games that have suddenly spiked or have been consistently moving up in value recently?

or the opposite, games that have cooled off and lost some value.


  • NES is hot, but his younger brother SNES is so much more fun. OMG!

  • Casino kid 2 seems like it has dropped like 40% or 50% from it's peak pretty surprised how fast that fell off

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    Ive never even seen casino kid 2 fall at all. It was a 40-50 dollart cart for years now basically double that. Looking at price charting it disagrees with you for that game. Looks like its trended up

  • It was over $100 loose earlier this year. Gvn has several recent sales below $70, at least some of which are decent condition auctions. The gvn graph shows a sharp drop the past couple months.

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    Price charting shows a different story. Plus not trusting recent data from gvn since it was sold to go collect as well

    not every sale means thats the value. Below 70 can just be a low bin that was snagged. Hard to find authentic cartridge video games are the easiest thing in the wirld to sell at a slightly less e market rate rate.

  • comparing vgpc vs gvn, gvn has 1 or 2 missed listing, vgpc has a few, plus several "loose" listings with manual at above average prices. which has always been vgpc's problem, their data is sloppy. gvn seems to still be working better.

    it seems like i happened to check it at it's lowest point in a long time. the bins since then were average or better, but there are 5 carts sitting on ebay at $100+ nobody is looking at right now. the last auction was $81 a couple weeks ago, which is better than previous listings, but the one before that was $51 which is the lowest sale this year and probably longer, and it was recent. any higher dollar cart auctioning for half the market rate is pretty wild.

  • Castelvania SotN is down a lot over the last few years it seems.

  • Demolition Man on Sega CD is exploding right now. Not sure why. Is it any good?

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