Getting rid of one of my consoles. Neo Geo aes or Dreamcast

Would you rather keep a

black sports sega Dreamcast with about 50 games all cib. Several of the more rare or expensive games with no filler. I also have an official arcade stick from Japan.


American Neo Geo aes in very good condition with no cracks. I have two original 1st variation arcade sticks and the one cd pad controller.

all games are English versions)

alpha mission 2 complete

samurai showdown compete

fatal fury 1 complete

nam 1975 censored version complete

king of fighters 94 complete

I personally think the Neo Geo will appreciate in value and the Dreamcast would be easier to get again but the Dreamcast is my only 3D capable system and I had one as a kid. Its hard to decide, what would you do? ( ps shoot em ups are my favorite genre if that matters to the discussion


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