What do to do about ebay transactions gone wrong?

I bought an expensive PS1 game for a guy on Ebay. It took 12 days to get here even though he's only a couple states away.

He described the game as complete in box. When I got it it was missing the manual.

I requested a refund and he agreed. He has 3 days to give me a return shipment label.

In the mean time I told him if he offered me a partial refund so I can find a manual I'd take it. I told him it would save us both trouble. Me from having to return the game and him from having to try and re sell it.

I haven't heard from him in a while.

Any suggestions on how to deal with this situation just to cover my rear.

Also the guy only has 1 other review. I think he might try and burn his account over this since he doesn't have much to lose in the way of a reputation.

Will ebay cover the loss if he doesn't follow through with the partial refund or return?


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    eBay or PayPal if you used them will as long as you can provide messages with the agreement and show you shipped something back.

  • Just send it back for the full refund and be done with it.

    Sorry it didnt work out.

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