Years & Years of SEO Gone

Obviously these changes are disappointing for us members, but more importantly are the years of search engine history which are gone. For example, if you previously searched Google for "World of Nintendo Sign" the top results (or close) would route you to NintendoAge. Same goes for images... which are now all disappearing. Anyone looking for information on unique or rare pieces is going to have a much harder time finding information. RIP NA- it was great chatting with ya'll over the years.


  • Yep. Already seeing it myself looking stuff up that used to would yield NA in the first place. It truly is sad that they had to redirect the site. Could not leave it alone or even at least have the links be able to redirect normally.

  • The search on this software (Vanilla Forum 3.1) is completely trash. It ONLY sorts results by Newest -> Oldest. Although they could add the 'Advanced Search' addon, which you can see here by clicking the small arrow at the far right of the Search bar ( even the Advanced Search is trash.

    Vanilla Forum is typically part of the crappy freeware software that web hosts come with. It's free and easy to install for a reason. It sucks.

    GoCollect has all of the data for themselves. They don't give a crap about the forums or the users, just the end goal: obtain data to learn about things to make more money in the long-run.

    They don't see this as a hobby or passion, and they couldn't care less about SEO, as long as it gets people to their domain.

    Sorry :(

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