Hi I'm a user of this website for over 10 years, core audience member of NintendoAge

Thanks for strolling in and destroying everything literally overnight

Just put the old website back you assholes, you really think people are going to stay when you deleted EVERYTHING? What are you thinking?

This is why everybody wants to eat the rich, because of shit like this, people are just minding their own business in tiny communities like this and then parasites like you come in and blow the whole place up with your dumbshit, ill-conceived plans of monetization, destroying internet history, years of people's hard work and effort and for what? For what? You really think people are going to like you, when you destroyed all their shit and replace it with a glorified landing page? Do they not teach you common sense in your "how to exploit the working class" lessons?

Why can't the legacy internet that us dedicated, loyal users have been using stay the way it is and keep going and not have people like you come in and destroy everything? Why? Why can't we have anything nice without you bloodsuckers forcing your way in with currency and burning it all to ash, destroying our communities, destroying the homes we have built for ourselves? It's an act of war against people who have done nothing to you and just want to mind their own business

This website belongs more to the people who used it than people who have lots of money and everybody is just going to take their ball and go home, you can't buy people's loyalty

Look up "OhInternet" for more information about the trajectory of what you've mutilated NintendoAge into, it didn't work once, it's not gonna work twice

Shame on you

You are going to reincarnate as an ant in another life for your misdeeds and some snot-nosed grade-schooler is going to kill you and your ant-hive with an improvised blowtorch


  • What kind of morons buy a collecting website and then remove people's collections while still expecting them to stick around? Did you think this through for more than two seconds?

  • Maybe next time consider not bulldozing people's childhood homes

  • Reinstall Fusetalk and the old database and MAYBE people will come back if you're lucky

  • Look how they massacred my boy!

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    "Don't fix what isn't broken" - a phrase you have never heard, apparently

    I mean seriously, quotes are broken, everything is broken, my collection tracker is gone, the rarity database is gone, but hey, at least you stripmining leeches have a dead website to play around with now!

    I'm so disappointed in you all, what were you thinking

  • Nobody here has any idea who you are. We were all on NintendoAge for years and nobody has ever heard of you. Even if you have made any agreeable points, you've nullified them by coming across as a complete fuckhead. The undiagnosed autism is out of control. Shut the fuck up already.

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    nice job using autism as a slur shit-for-brains, I can assure you my autism is not only diagnosed but it's also weaponized so why don't you go stick your October 2015 join date up your ass

  • Autistics are the indigenous people of the internet if you really think about it so why don't you stop being a colonialist

  • Are they paying you to shill or do you do it for free

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    How about the people in charge of "GoCollect" go and collect a real job

  • Here's what the Discord chat has to say about your sweet diss:

    Oh man @Quaze - phins really got ya good with this comment:

    “so why don't you go stick your October 2015 join date up your ass”

    https://discordapp.com/assets/2b5dd64f0e98417ee815db4e47e9e499.svg There was an error displaying this embed.

    Such an embarrassing statement

    ******Today at 10:20 AM

    Yeah, fuckin noooob


    ******Today at 10:21 AM


    Join date doesn’t really mean shit

    The fact that she used that as an attack tho, just embarrassing

  • This thread is funny! Sad only 6 people left to enjoy it..


  • It really is sad. I came back to join the yearly secret santa thread to find the best source of retro Nintendo info is a $h/t show and all of the amazing info that was gathered here is now flushed down the toilet. How can Go Collect not see..... the value is not in the game database, but the loads of INFORMATION they just threw out the window.

  • "hey it's only just that the entire internet is ruled by soulless corporate bloodsuckers now what's the big deal"

    I fear how next decade is going to destroy our shared history further, money money money

  • This forum is destroyed. Whatever this awful "forum" software they're using it, it's terrible. The old forum, while not my favorite software, was at least a forum.

  • I'm a long time NA user and I have to say I agree with Phins 100%, NEVER going to use this site ever again, terrible that NA was destroyed!!

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    Phins just did all the dirty work for us so now we don't have to. I mean, Phins went a little overboard and borderline psycho on this shit but someone had to do it. thanks Phins!

  • First time I've been to this layout, and first time I've commented in years. This sucks. Bring back the collections page, and it might be salvageable.

  • Being a long time member of the original NA and a moderator there for many years...

    Trust me, I reconize the "Phins" name...many of us old timers would....

    Oh, and nobody is going to see this post since this forum averages 1 post per WEEK! :)

  • This site is just sad. They killed all the sharing of info and collectors helping each other out. What a cluster this site is. But there's always that one guy who will defend the stupid crap that morons do no matter what...

  • I came back today after being away from this new forum for many months to see if it had gotten better, quess what it's still shit.

    I guess nobody is working on making it better or at least they are the slowest workers ever (payed or not)

    This forum is dead.

  • site looks fine to me, it's a forum. what more could you possibly want?

  • This just in: Phins is still cool and Quaze is still a dipshit. More news at 11. RIP NINTENDOAGE

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