I came Back again after a few months..... To The Same $#@!

Good God, Get a handle on this site,

Looking to sell some parts of my collection, Logged in. And I am still met with the same Basic Bitch format from GO Collect.... I am convinced that they just bought up Nintendo Age as part of a co-conspiracy to stop undocumented game sales directly for Wata Games. xD


I really thought Go Collect would at the very least adapt our old Forum Structure... Boy was I wrong

/Video Games Investors Pit


Just Cancer....

Please let me know where all you guys went, send me a PM? I guess..


  • Most everybody departed for VideoGameSage. A few refused the transition (some didn't want to go to a different forum, some were offended by some antics that happened during the first week or so the new site was online before the old NA vanished, etc.), but most folks with any level of actual activity made the transition.

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