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    Hmm I wonder what troll we have here? I'd avoid visiting any place on that website.

    Long story short there is a "video game cyber stalker" named Angela Bundy from way back who went after Sosa Games(and still does.)

    She's completely nuts and lives in a trailer park her mom owns. Her local police are aware of her activity, and she has scams people online for Pokemon related items. She thinks she runs a business, but she suffers from mental illness & drug abuse and can't tell reality from whatever is going on in her head. She's been banned from virtually every online platform you can sell on for scamming people for usually Pokemon gaming items.

    She spams nonsense on that website to herself and harasses many different sellers usually posting about things that didn't happen, posting racist remarks, threatening them, or even accusing them of scams she has committed claiming they did it.(Like a lie a 5 year old would tell.)

    Sosa posted her information a long time ago here:

  • I've had nothing but a pleasent experience with Armageddon Potato on NA and Amazon.

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