So THIS was that GoCollect sponsor I remember hearing about. Great work destroying NA.

I went to PRGE 2019, and if I recall correctly, GoCollect was a sponsor. I thought "Oh, cool. They made this event happen again, neat."

I took a long hiatus from NA, came back to buy from other collectors, and looks like those GoCollect goons destroyed the website. Really nice, so I guess I can expect future conventions in the area to also be sponsored by those guys as well? Honestly, really turns me off from the idea of even attending.

If they're more than happy to destroy NintendoAge, what are they going to do to the conventions next?

I realize I was gone for quite some time, but I've bought and sold a TON on here in the past. Looks like this will be my last post, EVER, and won't log in ever again.

Thanks, GoCollect. Try not to destroy PRGE too, if you can help yourselves.


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