Hello Everyone,

I have an auction on eBay that I would let go for 7,000 due to fees and such and a listing on Facebook Marketplace that I would let go for 6,250. The auction contains a boxed system, boxed Turbo Express with new compacitors, boxed AC Adaptor, boxed Turbo Express Car Charger, boxed Turbo Booster, 92/93 US NEC Hu Card games with manual and cases. I did not collect with the cardboard boxes. I am missing Magical Chase and manual, otherwise one away from a complete US set. I have a few sealed games and the Bonk’s 3 cardboard box making that fully complete. I also have some extra Hu card protectors and system manuals. There are no imports or CD games. My eBay screen name is wolfsaq. I was a long member of NintendoAGE. I would rather sell on Facebook Marketplace (Pennsylvania) and can give the best deal due to no fees. Please ask me questions on those two sites and not here. Thanks


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    Hey Truxton, or should I say, chode! I sold it for $7,000 to a guy in up state NY! LMAO! I love these internet trolls that feel empowered to use big colorful words on the other end of a computer! You feel better about yourself now! LOL! Please lock this thread.

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