Viewpoint 2064

Hey guys,

Its been a while since I've been on any of the forums but I thought I'd pop my head in and give an update on tge progress of the Viewpoint 2064 ROM.

I had high hopes to modify the Rom to make it complete and then make a release of it akin to what the guys did with 40 winks. Unfortunately life got in the way and I've now sold it to a collector that will be releasing the ROM. I cant say when but I'd say soon.

I hope everyone gets some enjoyment out of a fresh unreleased game, its been too long since the last!


Bobo Mcloud.


  • Sounds like another neck beard soy infused project to me. Look at meeeee I’m so retro. Fuck were you idiots back in the day when no one cared about this “old shit” and real fans got made fun of for liking the games. Just a bunch of trend hopping fags nowadays in the community. Also WATA sucks ass and the cucks who run it are bitchboys.

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