TheFrisbee is confused!

Alright... so a long time ago in a galaxy far away I got banned from posting cause I was possibly the slowest shipper on earth. This was on NA... and apparently this is NA now? I have probably once a year (or less often) snooped on the forum to see what’s going on, although I don’t collect really much anymore. Nostalgia driven I suppose...

people Hate Dain, he sold NA, this is what we got? Who is around from the old clan. Is there a better alternative?

and the reason I am here... I saw an ad on FB about a black box game (yes I still have an affinity for minty boxes. Which I now only own 2 of. But anyhow... apparently people are selling reproduction boxes? I mean with grey cardboard and they look LEGIT! I’m sure the collecting world hates this? I can help but be torn. They are BEAUTIFUL... alas fake. I think I will go the way of the devil and buy some.


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