Is there an ETA on when the collection listings will be back up?

I've come to terms with the site changeover, but the biggest disappointment is the disappearance of the collection listing tool.

I didn't log in every day to NA, so I didn't realize the functionality of collection listings was completely going away, and because of that, NA was the only way I tracked my game collection, and I didn't save it anywhere else.

Will this functionality be returned, or do I need to painstakingly go through every single item of my 4,000+ game collection and re-do my inventory?


  • Probably gonna need to redo it, unless you're willing to wait 2 years based on the effort they seem to be putting into this website.

  • Sorry, with this new and improved website, you might be out of luck. :(

  • Very disappointing.

  • I'm in the same boat. i only used this site to keep track of my collection and now its all gone.

  • Same here, i really hope they kept the collections

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    I was having the same problems as you guys but i found an app called Retro Game Collector it is really well done, check it out and i think you will like it, the only catch is that they give you one system of collection tracking for free, so for me i only collect NES so no problem , if you have multiple systems they have a fee to unlock additional system collections. It has all the box art pre loaded and you can check off cart manual and box along with being able to add custom games , photos and lists . they even have some kind of system that tallies the value of the collection , not sure how accurate it is . but it is free to download so check it out and give it a try , if you dont like it no loss. I just found it a few days ago and figured i would share when i saw this thread

  • Way to ruin everything "GoCollect"

  • I shouldn't have to do that garbage NA or "GoCollect" should respect their users and maybe not wipe out all their hard work overnight

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