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Is there an ETA when the collections feature will be back online? I haven't been on NA for roughly 8 months and was looking to export my collection today - quite shocked to see what the site has become plus the buyout.


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    At this point it's anyone's guess. Communication from the site/forum owners has been nearly non-existent these last couple of months. I'm not holding my breath at this point. Maybe that's what they want? Quite a shame if you ask me. The NintendoAge transaction was highly disappointing, and the transition to this new forum was awful as well. That said, they promised old features would be brought back and they still had a chance of cultivating a decent forum community even after losing a large chunk of its active members. It's now many months later and I really don't see that happening. This forum is toast.

    I bit the bullet and joined VGS. It's remained a busy forum in the short time it's been around and I do not see that changing. For anyone that wants the feeling of the old NintendoAge community, that's where you want to go.

    Regarding features here, I'm glad I had moved my collection off of NA to a private spreadsheet on my Google account a while ago. It's still very disappointed that all of my selling feedback went down the drain however--I would certainly like to see that restored, if anything to be able to re-post that feedback elsewhere so it's not lost. I would also like to see the rarity guide and manual, cart and box scans be brought back. That was a huge community effort and I'm sure it was a major kick in the balls for the people that had contributed to that over the years.

  • Agreed on the rarity guide. I have almost all of my collection on gamevaluenow, however it was nice to login to NA to do a quick look on what I had left.

    Shame to see another legacy of the "old internet" bite the dust.

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    Yeah, I haven't been active on here at all since the switch to the new site, and it looks like things have been just as inactive as I had feared. Like Austin said, I'd recommend joining VGS if you still want to interact with the community. That's where 90% of NA members ended up going, and it's super active.

    (Also, as a bonus the layout is many times better than whatever this place has become)

  • never dude. they have abandoned every pretense of keeping things going. the guy responsible for this side of things now has logged in like twice this year. it's dead.

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