Dain killed you all and this is Hell


  • Nah. Greener pastures and the like. You can’t blame Dain for what you see here.

  • Who's Dain?

  • The creator of NA. he sold the site recently and this is what you get.

  • Isn't it a dick move to sell the forum with the data base that many members contributed to?

    And without asking if some members would like take over the forum and keep it going, leaving us with this...

    I guess it's all about the money....

  • I have been a member of Nintendoage for over a decade and IMO it's bullshit of Dain to sell the Website and database we all helped build and contribute to. Plus they use to have fundraisers and ask for donations from their members to keep the site up and going and lots of us donated our money and then he sells the site behind our backs...

  • Speaking for the first time out of character for those who remember. Because NA is dead.

    Agreed. It was and is an absolute SHIT underhanded move on Dain's part. I 2nd you Bubba. Been here over a decade donating, contributing, and helping fund the servers every year. Then he fucks us all by selling what belongs to us all without a word. I get the legal crap, I get the technicalities of the whole pile of shit folks, so don't bother. But, I'll certainly call out an unwanted reacharound when I see it. The way he did it was a HUGE douchebag move. I don't care what his reasons were. Fucking LOOK at this shell now? It's completely gone except for Jeff's advertisement. Great job btw Jeff, you really didn't change anything by sinking the entire community we love..asshole. But, back to the "evil" douchelord. If he ever read this I'd have one thing to say: FUCK YOU Dain.

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